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This is the story — of my (?) GREAT OE & My FREE overseas holiday..?

Which I partook of between Jan 1940 & Aug 1945

It was a full circumvention ” Tour” ..
Which took me around The World .. (albeitly) for FREE.

The ONLY thing I had to do .. ?
Was to follow a few orders .. eat some food !!!

Oh … & ??? JUST SURVIVE .. WWII.


Thus – more simply stated …!!! This is the story.. of:
My Life – (as a private) – Whilst I Was: At The War.


My New Zealand Army (1st Echelon) Number was: N8242
& My (in Germany, as a) POW prison number was: 24219


My Family & I are slowly writing this blog (now).
To record my WWII memoirs, for future generations.

We (or they later) will add to this as time goes on ..

But for now..
Just the basics are being added here (to start this blog off).

Sometime in the future, when they have more “time” (alas not yet):
The family may add snippets, and even my entire “life manuscript” that I wrote about, when my Late Wife, was creating her four poetry booklets.
Just because I wanted to write something for “publishing” too. But other things (such as the rest of my life) somehow got in the way – and thus it’s now in a dusty big box somewhere, waiting for someone to scan into here.


I am now almost 102 years of age, in extremely good health (considering my advanced years) and until two years ago, was even fit enough to still drive my Brand New (1973) Hilman Avenger – most days of the week. (which is of course “now sold” = for about exactly the same price, that I originally bought it for, just on 40 years ago), as I stopped driving when I turned 100 (!) although, for posterities sake, and for a memento, I decided to retain my New Zealand Drivers Licence – (although expired, it now is).

And yes – (the car) IT WAS STILL BRAND NEW = until I sold it – ?
As it didn’t become “2nd Hand”, until the next person bought it.



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Don’t go to my “old” address in Alexandra, as apparently ?
Some search methods (ie: Google Maps) can’t find me now.
As I live with my Son & thus “enjoy his Sun” (room that is);
But suffice to say, JIMMY’S is now within walking distance.

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Short note from Hec (re) Comments or Contacts

Just a quick note.

As all comments, and or contact, requests may be (or could become) publicaly available here – should one of this page’s authors (or it’s administrators) ever “accidentally” click the approve links.. ?

Hec & his “authors” (here):
Therefore politely ask .. that all such posted “comments and-or contact” information etc, which you have, or may be intending to have placed into, or onto, this wordpressed blog;
Be thus kept – to ONLY that – with which you are TOTALLY comfortable (with) sharing “publically”;
And-or we ask that you ensure any and all “about” information which you may also share – ONLY be that which you are comfortable with sharing with any “other people” (on the open internet) whom can, or may in the future, be able to access – about you.

Always keep yourself “cyber secure”.
Now .. go forth & enjoy a Merry, but “safe”, Christmas Season.


(One of Hec’s authors).

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