About Hec

Currently this blog is still being created.

Sadly my Dad passed away before he remembered to complete a lot of it.


Please refer to the MAIN page – in order to “read” ?

About Hec.
14th March 1914 – 18th July 2017

Maybe place some (feedback) comments &/or contact requests
For Hec’s family to attend too, by placing these ..
On the NEW special Comments and-or Contacts (for Hec) page:



Or go-to Hec’s original “Facebook” page:
Where the family will keep that updated, until we can memorialize it for him.

Or to read his twitter feeds via

Hec created the accounts to allow himself to keep abreast of his extended family’s activities, thus it now allows them (and you too), to re-connect to his original social networks &/or to allow for all to be seeing the videos of what he did, when he was alive.


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